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Int. Men’s Symposium Inspiration Meeting 2016

Men Maenner International – Die Männer-Initiative:

Take on - Destroy - Create

The Full Potential of the Masculine

August 25th to 28th, 2016 at Martin Niemöller Haus near Frankfurt a.M (Germany)

Inspiration meeting in the context of the International Men's Symposium.

Languages: English and German

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The subject

We can’t avoid the grain of truth contained in this stereotype: men are equally capable! Whether it is ultimately for better or for worse, ours is a broken world. Destruction and creation both characterise the deep masculine. As your commitment as a man for the future, this Symposium invites you to come and fully integrate your light side and your dark side! We will meet our fear and our courage. We want to tickle awake the irrepressible joy of shaping the future. We look forward to a new beginning! more...

The program

All participants have the same role, contribute from their knowledge and experience, have part in the
exchange. The exchange is partly structured and partly process-oriented, that is, determined in situ by the
participants. It should be creative, work and play, enjoyment and concentration alternate. The most important
things are often aired whilst having a beer together, during informal chats, that's part of it.

For whom?

Men who are committed to issues of masculinity in a broad sense and want to help shape the future in this
field. Those may come from areas such as HR or management of organizations, education, counseling,
therapy, personal development, law enforcement, military, NGOs, among others. And very young men, who
are active for example in youth work are welcome too.