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The Symposium

Why we commit to the international men's symposium

In the second half of the last century we saw the outcomes of the feminist movement, and in parallel for us men, the loss of our simple identification with the role of the bread-winner and patriarch. One answer to this loss was the men's movement. Looking in more detail, the question remains open whether the new roles have given men and women more satisfaction and fulfilment in their masculine or feminine essence. This is not identical with the point that we have gained more gender equality and fairness. Is the masculine essence sufficiently honoured by what has been achieved up to now, or is soon to be achieved?

For both sexes there is a wider range of choices today. For men, more attention for our relationships, more appreciation for our emotions, and more time shared with those whom we love. For women, greater freedom and independence.

While we as men adapt and participate in this development more and more, two important issues remain: there is the necessity as well as the chance for something new and additional to come. For something more deep and meaningful, including and transcending what has been achieved up to now, and yet fully honouring who we really are as men.

We think the time has come to turn into action what we have learned during the past years and decades. We desire to co-create the world, in such a way as we want to hand it on to our children.

This is what the symposium is all about: To take the next steps in finding a deeper understanding of our masculine being, after we have opened up our hearts and emotions to complete our determination. We carry this into the world, into our specific fields of activity, be it industry, partnership, politics, education, psychology, medicine or wherever. These issues are no longer of a national scale, but they are European and global ones.